1st Periodic Report Approved: Publishable summary of first 18 months (1e ; April 2011 – Sept 2012 )

Loco-regional treatment is the mainstay of cancer cures in non small lung and head and neck cancer. For advanced stage cancer, dose intense multimodality treatment is required however with substantial side effects.

Our aim is to improve treatment outcome in locally advanced head and neck and lung cancer patients by:

  1. Optimizing local control by introducing novel radiation techniques resulting in redistribution of the radiation dose, creating inhomogeneous dose distribution towards the most active part of the tumour instead of conventional homogenous doses. This redistribution can be performed without increase of toxicity. As recently reported radiation accidents in the US demonstrate, quality assurance (QA) is of utmost importance for safe radiation delivery in complex treatments. To assure accurate delivery over time, we will monitor both the patient’s geometry as well as the delivered dose using image-guided adaptive plan modifications and three dimensional (3D) in-vivo dosimetric verification.
  2. Maximizing the benefit of combined modality treatment. Both cisplatin and cetuximab in combination with radiotherapy (RT) have shown to improve local control and survival but both drugs have severe side effects. As these drugs are not active in all patients, there is an urgent need to select patients, who are sensitive to either drug. For this purpose the uptake of cetuximab will be estimated by imaging tumour uptake with 89-Zr labelled cetuximab, while cisplatin-sensitive tumours can be selected by biomarkers.

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The 2nd Periodic Report Approved; Publishable summary of September 2012 – October 2014.

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