Workpackage 1

Project Management

The ARTFORCE partner, NKI, is host of the Management Office.

Rachel Tjoa – Bakker (Project Office Manager) and Paula Hoekstra (Project Finance Officer) are based at the NKI in the Department of Radiotherapy (RT) and the Finance and Information Service (DIF) respectively.

The Management Office is responsible for:

  • Organising and coordinating meetings of the Project Steering Committee and consortium meetings
  • Coordinating and ensuring administrative information dissemination to partner members
  • Preparation of the consortium agreement
  • Keeping regular contact with the Project Coordinator, the Project Steering Committee and other parties
  • Identifying and reporting to the Project Steering Committee potential problems arising in the project
  • Coordinating practical aspects regarding the exchange of personnel
  • Establishing good operating practice for financial management
  • Preparation of the appropriate documents for signature and forwarding to the host institution
  • Producing reports on behalf of the Project Steering Committee
  • Setting up a plan for payments and checking partner financial statements
  • Distributing project funds and monitoring/reporting project finances to the Project steering Committee and the Executive Committee

Coordinating financial audits of the partners, to comply with necessary EC regulations.